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Nico Shopping Centre in Modlnica

Location   Modlnica
Author   Horizone Studio
Client   Nico Polska Sp.z o.o.
Project   2011

The project involves the creation of a new, modern elevation for the existing Nico shopping centre building from the 90's. The premises are located in the town of Modlnica nearby Krakow, just beside the new motorway junction. To fulfil the task Horizone Studio has designed a new free-standing façade as an extension to the existing building.

The concept is a modern, contemporary design solution. The new free-standing elevation has been designed to give a new image to the existing outdated expression of the building. Through its simple form it “calms down” the diversity of the existing building. It has the form of a partially transparent screen created by the irregularly placed light grey elevation panels. As a result a new facade was formed with the picture of a repeatable irregular chessboard like pattern. In between the screen panels the existing building is visible.

Its facade has been painted in a dark grey colour forming the background for the new elevation. The light grey colour of the screen contrasts with the dynamic element of a covered entry area. Both the recessed wall covered by the dynamic roof form, and a rising on the western side asymmetrical triangular roof have been covered with characteristic, orange colour panels. Created in that manner, this form adds dynamism to the static screen of the new facade.



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