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Nowy Targ Square Redevelopment in Wroclaw

Location   Wroclaw, Nowy Targ square
Authors   BIG-Städtebau (Kronshagen), Horizone Studio (Krakow), Pysall Ruge Architekten (Berlin)
Client   UM Wrocla
Plot   ca. 1,2 ha
Size   350 m2 (pavilion), 10 000 m2 (underground parking)
Project   2010

Since its beginning in the thirteenth century, the Nowy Targ square was one of the three most important historical places in Wroclaw.
Currently the city council is planning to build two-level underground parking underneath. In order to find new ideas for the square the City Council organised an architectural competition. The subject of the competition was a new arrangement of the square, taking into consideration the historical context and the new needs and functions. Additionally, the city council has planned to build a tourist information pavilion.

konsorcjum biur BIG-Städtebau (Kronshagen), Horizone Studio (Kraków), Pysall Ruge Architekten (Berlin)

In order to revitalise the old atmosphere and importance of this place, the concept assumes a redefinition of its function and the introduction of activities that will attract residents and visitors. As a reference to the days of former glory, the concept intends that the three historical skylines of the buildings surrounding the former Nowy Targ, will be mapped on the surface through the use of different colour stones. These shapes, appearing like a shadow on the floor, will be highlighted at night by a linear lighting built into the pavement.

A one storey building with glazed façade was designed as a city pavilion in the eastern part of the square. It separates the plaza from the traffic of the adjacent street. Glass façade elements are combined with Cor-Ten steel cladding and timber louvres. The pavilion houses three functions: tourist information associated with a projection room, a café with summer garden and kiosk combined with the toilets, and the exit of the underground parking.

konsorcjum biur BIG-Städtebau (Kronshagen), Horizone Studio (Kraków), Pysall Ruge Architekten (Berlin)

Additionally a system of market stalls which can be converted into benches, a fountain located in the place of the old water wells, and some street furniture elements were all designed to be included in the square. The design allows for maximum flexibility in planning the two levels of underground parking with an area of approximately 10000m2.

The arrangement of the new square gives the possibility to organise various events: concerts, outdoor exhibitions, fairs and the weekly food markets as it used to be in historical times. The light is properly designed to emphasises the geometry of the square and its elements.

konsorcjum biur BIG-Städtebau (Kronshagen), Horizone Studio (Kraków), Pysall Ruge Architekten (Berlin)


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